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Hayley J.


My weight was the only thing I could never get right. I'd been an overachiever all my life, thanks to my control — freak parents. Work, sports, school – you name it, I excelled. Except my eating.

I was an out of control anorexic. I felt dizzy and confused all the time. I would buy XXS dresses and still feel bulky. I refused to eat. Sometimes I felt so weak that I couldn't even manage to get out of bed for hours.

I remember looking in the bathroom mirror one day and getting horrified by how my teeth had started to decay. That was the point I knew that if I didn't get help now, this disease was going to take my life.

I've been in recovery for over 4 years now. I eat mindfully, relax, stretch and meditate daily. The cloud has finally lifted. Things are far from perfect, but I remind myself of how grateful I am to be healthy again.

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