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Hannah R.


I started stealing candies from my students' lunchboxes. As sad as it sounds, I went down that shameful road and it killed my self-esteem. I couldn't help it. I was addicted to sugar so bad that the mere sight of a cupcake would make me drool and I'd be so restless until I would mindlessly stuff my mouth with it. There were times I was so desperate for sugar, I didn't even chew what I was eating, I just gulped it in.

I was in a pitiful state for the longest time in my life, until I got diagnosed with diabetes and had a "coming to Jesus moment" with myself. I knew the path I was on only led to one thing: death. I knew that I couldn't go cold turkey on my addiction. I had to slowly and gently taper down my sugar intake. The world wants you to keep bingeing but you have the choice to walk away and remove yourself from a situation that sets your cravings on overdrive.

I've been away from sugar for over two years now and I have never been happier in my life. The struggle, though, has not ended. Even today I have to work hard to not put candies in my cart when I go to the grocery store — but I try not to visit that section and stay mindful throughout my visit there.

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