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Eric W.


I was addicted to pot for almost a decade. I hated what it did to me. There were nights when I wouldn't even recognize myself. All I'd want is another bong hit. My friendships, relationships, and interactions with people were all built around my addiction. Looking back, I realize now how empty I felt, and how reckless I was in trying to feel satisfied.

For years, I was blind to what my addiction did to me and my family. But I now see that I've caused a great deal of pain to my wife. Even though she has forgiven me, I feel like I have a mountain to climb to show her I am still the man she once knew.

My marriage is my first priority now and my wife's support is what gets me by the day. I struggle everyday to remain sober and clean and I will not give up. I am young and capable, and I wish to build a better world where people genuinely connect instead of finding value in things that perish easily. I want to be a loving husband, a reliable husband, and I want her to be proud when she looks at me.

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